Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Now we will talk The iPone 5,this product is produced by Apple company.Its like all ipone product,its a latest and Exclusive design,it has a large sceen and 4G connectivity.We can say that this phone is for Aristocratic.But it has  restriction manual and usual from apple company.At this moment ipone 5 is the most beautiful and best build phone on the market.Its maximum part of the still.Its best achievement for apple,back side has made aluminium.Apple iphone 5 is easy to than any other phone.It made by modern technology,iphone 5  is very comfortable ,anyway everything is not well.recently on there were compliants that black version chipped easily.but the white version is also good looking .Iphone 5 is not the thinnest smarphone in the world,because its 7.6mm,on the other hand ZTE Athena are all sub 7mm-but it feels sufficiently waif-like in the hand.We know that we are not satisfied for anything..that sence iphone 5 is best more than anything .It has four inch screen ,that show on detail shortly and its 123.8mm tall.
  1. Bigger screen
  2. 4G capbillity
  3. Betterfront side camera


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